A mattress with low carbon footprint

Environmental-Friendly Foam

Certified by CeriPUR-US® to ensure our material is clean and safe. Ensuring a low level of emission with a VOC lower than 0.5 per million. Protecting your health and the environment.

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Low Chemical Adhesive

Using the water-based, solvent-free glue by Simalfa® from Switzerland as our adhesive, we minimized the chemical used in the production of our mattress and lowered the environmental damage.

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Long Lasting to Reduce Waste

Our mattress have passed a strict durability test, guaranteeing to have over 4000 night lifespan, reducing the need and the waste to replace your mattress.

Boxed Packaging to Lower Carbon Footprint

By using boxed packaging, it can save the space needed during shipping. The transport becomes an easier job, and the carbon footprint can be lowered.

SINOMAX EcoTech™ collection

The production of our mattress have achieved international standard to carry out the sustainable development principle. Our mattress are made of AirBreath™ foam to provide the most suitable temperature for sleeping, and reduce the need to use air-conditioning.

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Cooperating with Eco-Organization.

SINOMAX are engaging with eco-organization to provide mattress recycling service, in order to reduce the waste problem.