Boxed Mattress FAQ

With a scale of 1-5, which 1 is very soft and 5 is very hard, the CUBE mattress is around a 4 point firmness. The mattress contains two layers with different firmness. The outer layer provides a comfort firmness to enhance your sleeping experience; The inner layer gives you’re a firmer support to protect your spinal health.

For more than two decades, SINOMAX have accumulated a solid experience to understand our customer’s need. We dedicate to provide innovative solution to improve your sleeping experience. We are confident that you can enjoy our mattress with a maximized comfort.

For spring mattress, the gaps between each spring and the space in the middle will also affect the support of the mattress. Memory foam mattress provides optimal support in every spot and molds perfectly to the contour of your body.

Silver Ion Enpower Cube mattress uses AirBreath™ memory foam. Compared to other memory foam, it enhanced ventilation to create comfortable sleep temperature, also retaining its firmness.

Yes. From procurement of raw materials, production of the product to quality check, SINOMAX is in charge of every process of the production, ensuring the quality of the product, guarantee to provide you the best sleeping quality.

Advanced technology are used during the compression of our mattress. We strictly monitor every process of the production to ensure it would not have any adverse effect to the mattress construction, comfortability and durability.

No, we use high-quality technology to compress our mattress, with our strict supervision in every process. The mattress also passed the durability test to ensure a 4000 nights spanlife. We also provide 20 years warranty to guarantee the comfort and durability of our mattress

You may refer to the boxed mattress guide, open your mattress in a simple 4 steps.

When the mattress is rolled up in the box, the lighter-colored face which rolled inside is the sleeping side. Please check if the sleeping side is facing up before you open the compression bag to avoid the inconvenience to flip the mattress.

After you cut off the compression bag, the mattress will absorb air and expand to the original size. So when you cut off the compression bag, please be aware that you should not be sitting in/holding down the mattress.

The mattress would be fully enlarged within a few second after the compression bag is cut open. When the mattress have stopped expanding, it is ready for you to enjoy.

As the mattress can only be compressed by professional machine, it cannot be placed back to the box once it is opened.