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     Adhering to the core value of “Love Supports Beloved”, SINOMAX has 4 major product lines, from memory foam bedding series, ergonomic designed furniture, massage series and smart living products to meet the different needs of you and your beloved family.Apart from the memory foam product series, SINOMAX also carries out materials procurement, research and development, design, production as well as quality control, accelerating product innovation and ensuring product quality.

     Since its establishment in 2001, SINOMAX has continuously explored and adopted the finest technology in our innovative and healthy lifestyle products. With our intelligent and digitized products and services, SINOMAX strives to enhance the quality of home life by providing ergonomic customized products based on severe scientific and professional methodology, promoting smart healthy living for all customers.

SINOMAX 2nd Generation Memory Foam X-FOAM®

Unique SINOMAX 2nd Generation Memory Foam X-FOAM®

     Invented by NASA, memory foam was first used to offset the tremendous pressure and potential damages caused to astronauts during take-off and landing. Memory foam is formed by highly permeable particles, which can be fully compressed under pressure.
     Solely created by SINOMAX, the thermal-sensitive particles of 2nd generation memory foam X-FOAM® mold to our body shapes with the changes of our body temperature and weight. It is good to relieve body pressure and support the spine to remain its natural “S” shape contour, which is able to prevent soreness caused by compression of muscles and nerves. The memory foam mattress series of SINOMAX are officiaily certified by the Chiropractic Doctors\' Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK).
     Invented by Germany, Ergocheck is an advanced pressure analyzing system. Certificated by Ergocheck, which indicates that SINOMAX memory foam is effective to relieve your body pressure points and you can be completely relaxed during sleep.

Brand Award

2004-2007,2018 – SINOMAX received the “SUPERBRANDS” award from SUNPERBRANDS
2005-2019 – SINOMAX Mattress Series is endorsed by The Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong
2006-2019 – SINOMAX has been nominated as  “Caring Company”  for 13 consecutive years by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
2006-2019 – SINOMAX received the “Top Mark” award from Hong Kong Brand Development Council on Pillow, Mattress, Bedding, Supporting Cushion Series)
2010-2019 – SINOMAX Memory foam is certified by CertiPUR-US
2013 – SINOMAX was complied with the assessment criteria of the “Quality Tourism Services Scheme” which is organized by Hong Kong Quality Tourism Services
2013 – SINOMAX granted the “Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation” from Assessment Committee for “Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation”
2013 – SINOMAX received "Q-Mark Label" from Hong Kong Tourism Board
2014-2019 – SINOMAX was named "Consumer Caring Company" by GS1 for 5 consecutive years
2014-2015,2018 – SINOMAX earned the "D-MARK Label" of FHKI
2014 – SINOMAX garnered the honor of “The Outstanding Spine Care Enterprise” in the 14th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards
2015 – SINOMAX earned the "D-MARK Label" of FHKI
2015 – SINOMAX was honored with “The Most Favorable Brand 2015” award by Parents magazine
2015 – SINOMAX was recognized as "Social Enterprise" by Social Enterprise Research Institute
2015-2017 – SINOMAX awarded the "Caring Certificates" from FHKI for 3 consecutive years
2016 – SINOMAX won "Service & Courtesy Award" and "Potential Brand Award" from HKRMA
2016 – Hong Kong Brand Development Council named SINOMAX "Hong Kong Top Brand"
2016 – SINOMAX\'s product S-Zero won international design award "Red-dot Award 2016"
2017 – Hong Kong Brand Development Council awarded SINOMAX with Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award
2017-2019 – Hong Kong Retail Management Association awarded SINOMAX with Quality E-Shops
2018 – Hong Kong Brand Development Council awarded SINOMAX with Top Service Brand Awards
2018-19 – SINOMAX awarded the Silver Membership from WWF-Hong Kong
2018 – Design Council Hong Kong award SINOMAX with「D-Awards」

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