1.  Customer shall complete full payment before pick-up or delivery.

2.  Bed frame over 60 inches (width) will be folded into half for delivery, except for side-lifted model.

3.  Installation and dismantle services are not applicable to display products.

4.  Retrieval service of massage chairs only apply to those are able to pass through corridors, doors and exits. If the massage chair or parts are too large to be retrieved safely, SINOMAX will not provide retrieval service.

Reschedule Delivery:
     a) Contact the store you made purchase at least one working day before the date of delivery to avoid $300
administration fee.
     b) $300 administration fee will be charged to reschedule delivery, if customer contact the store you made purchase on or the day before the delivery date. New delivery date will be arranged on or after the 6th working day after request is made.

Should delivery is failed due to nobody was presented at the address or for any other reasons, $300 will be charged for re-delivery arrangement. The new delivery date will be on or after the 6th working day after the request is made.

.  To ensure products are in the best quality, all re-delivery date of compressed mattress must be within 4 to 7 working days after the original delivery date, otherwise, quality of mattress would be affected and SINOMAX will not be responsible for this quality issue.

8.  If acceptance of delivery is failed within 3 months after the date of purchase,
 a $500 administration fee will be charged per month starting from the 4th month after the date of purchase. Otherwise, the order will be voided and the paid amount will be forfeited.

9.  Standard size items will be delivered within 7 to 10 days.
Delivery of certain products may be delayed due to stock issue. For custom- made items, please allow at least 14 working days for delivery. Delivery will be suspended and rearranged under bad weather conditions or other unexpected emergency conditions, e.g. typhoon signal No. 8 or black rainstorm warning.

10.  Delivery date for bulk purchase will be further discussed.

11.  $300 delivery fee will be charged for order less than $800 on eShop or less than $2000 on life store/ counter. Free delivery is not applicable to outlying islands. Extra $100 transportation cost will be charged for Ma Wan and Tung Chung while $300 will be charged for Discovery Bay.

12.  For any delivery made to building without lifts, items to be delivered cannot be fitted in the lift or locations cannot be reached by delivery truck,
customer should pay delivery surcharge to logistic staff according to the actual circumstances.

      Staircase (upward/ downward) Delivery Surcharge:
      - 50% deposit is required to pay at purchased location if staircase delivery is 5 floors or more.

      Surcharge for each floor as follow:

      - Every seven steps of staircase will be counted as one floor:

        Pillows, relaxing products and toppers: $30/floor/piece

        Mattress: Below 60 inches $50/floor/piece

        60 inches or above $80/floor/piece
        Desk: Kids- Care Desk with one Leg $50/floor/piece

        Others $80/floor/piece

      Every three steps of staircase will be counted as one floor:

        Bed frame: $200/floor/piece

        Massage Chair: $200/floor/piece (A $1000 delivery surcharge will be waived)

     - Village Delivery Surcharge: $50/100m/piece

       (If the parking area is within 100 m away from the delivery point, $50 will be charged for each items. For distance more than 100 m, cost will be calculated by logistic staff according to actual circumstances.)

     - Hoisting Surcharge: $150-$200/storey (Surcharge is calculated by logistic staff according to the actual circumstances).

     - Mattress Disposal Surcharge: Mattress below 48 inches $200/piece
                                  Mattress in 48 inches or above $400/piece


*SINOMAX reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein. The Chinese version shall apply and prevail.  (Version V18.11.1)

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